Wonderful Mother Angelica video
(07-02-2009, 12:36 PM)timoose Wrote: This new stuff eats my comments, so here I go once more;
Mother Angelica was instrumental in my return to the Catholic Church. I saw her take Cardinal Mahoney apart on her program for being very close to denying the Real Presence of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. This started the war which eventually wrested control from her of the Network. Her old videos are now censored by Mr. Donovan and you will no linger see the best parts there.
She told the world that The Third Secret of Fatima was never revealed to us completely on her program from coast to coast and around the world. I'm certain that if she were still in control the Extraordinary Form of Mass would be broadcast every day of the year, and we would be farther along in seeing a return to Tradition. To my mind she reminded me of two sisters that taught me Sister Rose Miriam ( aka tiger tooth ) and Sister Petronilla ( the excommunicator )and my aunt Clara Bernardi a sort of mixture of savy and saintliness thrown together in equal proportins. Now that I've written this I hope that her cause will eventually be put forward. Pope John Paul II once said when she asked if he knew her " yes you're the feisty Nun on TV". It seems she was well known.
Interesting, I've had a similar "Mother" experience and yes she reminds me of some of the nuns who taught me when I was younger in grade school. She also reminds me of my Italian Gram-ma with that same mixture of savy-ness and saint-like manner. There's always been something special about this woman, her wisdom, and the effective way she can deliver a message. I always try to catch her when she's on, which of course are all re-runs since she had her stroke. I've also heard Raymond Arroyo talk about her life and the incredible story of how she single-handidly created a network against serious obstacles. she is a very special person in the grace of an all-powerful God who has brought hope to many peoples lives. I know she made a difference in mine. Although I will probably never meet her, I can honestly say, I love Mother Angelica. She's a saint in my book.

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