The Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker
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On Pilgrimage,
June  DOC #481, Score = 90.17
Summary: Describes the hustle and bustle around the farm--planting, building, cooking. Ruminates about conversion, calling each person to a revolution beginning with themselves--to make a start toward a new way of living based on distributism. Says distributism is neither communism nor capitalism but based on individual ownership of land, tools, workshops, and factories. Keyword: economics

"Articles on Distributism - 2"  DOC #160, Score = 87.89
Summary: Argues that distributism is the only alternative to the US economy. Distributism is an alternative to capitalism and socialism built around "the village economy" and a more just distribution of wealth. Quotes four modern Popes in its support. Summarizes its principles with the following Statements: "land is the most natural form of property" "wages should enable man to purchase land" "the family is the most perfect when rooted in its own holdings" "agriculture is the first and most important of all arts." (See also DOC #159 and DOC #161)

"All the Way to Heaven is Heaven"  DOC #159, Score = 86.56
Summary: First of a series of articles on distributism (see DOC #160 & DOC #161). Against the backdrop of harsh city life she points to life on the land as a way to find zest in life. Distributism is a third point of view, neither Communism or capitalism. "The aim of distributism is family ownership of land, workshops, stores, transport, trades, professions, and so on." Recommends reading Belloc and Chesterson as an introduction to it.

"Distributism Is Not Dead"  DOC #244, Score = 85.12
Summary: Reaffirms the distributist economic vision of property and work against critics while acknowledging "It needs to be constantly rewritten, re-assessed, restated…" Comments on Chesterton and Dickens in relation to renewing distributism.

On Pilgrimage  DOC #5, Score = 83.51
Summary: States the objectives of the C.W. and defends it against the accusations of other Catholics and secular thought. Writes on such themes as marriage, sex, 10VQ' human condition, poverty, economics and a variety of Church doctrines. All of these topics are treated from an orthodox Catholic point of view. The book is adapted from the diary she kept in 1948, when she spent the first four months with Tamar (daughter) and the rest of the year at Mott street and the retreat farm in Newburgh. She noted that the book could be called a woman's book, since parts of it are directed solely to women. As usual, much of the book dwells on the day to day happenings in her life.

On Pilgrimage,
May  DOC #480, Score = 79.67
Summary: Praises God for May, the month of Mary and full of beauty. Recalls the Catholic Worker began in May sixteen years ago and summarizes their program and the many allied movements of the lay apostolate. Says their pacifism and distributism distinguishes them from other movements. Focuses on voluntary poverty as exemplified in Peter Maurin's life, especially since he became ill. Reflects on holiness and the call to all to become saints. Includes quotations from her winter's reading. Keywords: Gandhi, machine, philosophy of work

On Pilgrimage,
January  DOC #476, Score = 79.67
Summary: Deep in Winter at her daughter's farm in West Virginia they await the birth of Tamar's third child. Reflects on country life and a woman's spirituality in the midst of small children and housework. Describes her efforts at prayer. Reflects on the handicrafts Tamar practices and the worth of a country economy, a way to be co-creators with God. Notes the duty to find joy and resist despair. Long quotes from Eric Gill on a decentralized economy. Keywords: family, poverty, personalism, distributism, capitalism, socialism, communism.

"Distributism Versus Capitalism"  DOC #175, Score = 79.67
Summary: Criticizes those Catholics who affirmed the Industrial Council Plan that supported co-management. Calls for co-ownership as the only means to alleviate the injustice caused by industry and quotes "Observatore Romano" on its condemnation of capitalism. Also criticizes those who call the Industrial Council Plan the Pope's plan, and repudiates the claim by quoting Pius XII's 1952 Christmas message which calls for an agriculture economy.

"On Pilgrimage - May 1948"  DOC #158, Score = 79.67
Summary: 16th anniversary recapitulation of distinctive CW positions, especially pacifism and distributism. Explains the C.W.'s philosophy of labor as serving others. Argues that the problem of unemployment originates from the machine - and advocates Gandhi's economic program. Emphasizes a philosophy of work and a philosophy of poverty.

"Articles on Work"  DOC #751, Score = 77.42
Summary: A series of articles on work from The Catholic Worker during a period of rapid industrial growth shortly after the end of World War II.

"On Pilgrimage - June 1958"  DOC #740, Score = 77.42
Summary: Detailed description of her daughter Tamar's home in Vermont and the Hennessey family's life. Mentions the 25th anniversary celebration of the Catholic Worker and all the "old timers" who came. Lauds Ammon Hennacy's penitential fast for out nations dropping the first atomic bomb.

"On Pilgrimage - March 1948"  DOC #465, Score = 77.42
Summary: The birth of her third grandchild stimulates reflections on praising God, struggling to change the social order, staying hopeful and trusting in God while suffering. Quotes St. Paul and spiritual writers to bolster her spirit.

"On Pilgrimage - February 1948"  DOC #464, Score = 77.42
Summary: Writing from her daughter's farm in West Viriginia, comments on the cold and kid's play. Reports on her travels through the Southwest, Seattle, San Francisco, St. Louis, and Minnesota extolling the need for supporting the family and a return to the land. Distinguishes types of anarchism and the need for study. Wants more priests to have a vision of a new social order.

"Random Reflections"  DOC #401, Score = 77.42
Summary: Reflects on the enduring struggle to understand suffering love, penance, the joy and pain of our bodies, the beauty of a woman's body, and the example of the saints. Mentions numerous books she loves and some she doesn't care for.

"Poverty Without Tears"  DOC #230, Score = 77.42
Summary: Reviews several books on voluntary poverty, especially Poverty by Fr. Regamey. Elaborates on the joy of, objections to, and purpose of voluntary poverty. Rejects capitalist and communist solutions to real poverty, pointing to decentralization and distributism as the answer.

"On Pilgrimage - November 1946"  DOC #226, Score = 77.42
Summary: Reflects on how hard it is to leave the cares of the Catholic Worker as she begins a pilgrimage to other CW groups. Extols efforts at rural self-sufficiency (e.g. wool making) in St. Joseph, Minnesota, and visits friends in Minneapolis and Chicago.


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