Translation of a humourous piece which appeared in my priory bulletin
New scandal following an interview with the Pope

Upon returning to Rome on a beautiful sunny afternoon, the Pope reportedly said to a journalist: "The weather is nice today!"

These words immediately provoked intense emotion throughout the world and are fuelling a controversy which does not cease to grow.

The mayor of Bordeaux [reference]: "At the very moment that the Pope pronounced these words, there was heavy rain over Bordeaux! This falsehood, bordering on revisionism, shows that the Pope lives in a state of total autism. It ruins completely, if further proof was needed, the dogma of Papal infallibility!"

The Chief Rabbi of France: "How can one still assert that the weather is nice after the Holocaust?"

The Chair of astronomy at the Collège de France: "In affirming without nuance nor indisputable objective proof that the weather is nice today, the Pope displays that well known contempt of the Church for Science, which has forever fought Her dogmas. What could possibly be more subjective and more relative than this notion of 'nice'? On which indisputable experiments does it rest? The meteorologists and specialists on the question did not succeed in reaching an agreement on this subject at the last International Colloquium of Caracas. And Benedict XVI, ex cathedra, would arbitrate, with what arrogance! Will we soon see pyres set alight for all those who do not admit this new decree?"

The Association of Victims of Global Warming: "How could one not see in this provocation an insult to all those victims past, present and future of the whims of the climate, of floods, of tsunamis and of drought? This acquiescence to 'the weather' clearly shows the complicity of the Church in these phenomena which are destroying mankind; it can only encourage those who participate in global warming, since they will henceforth be able to refer to the sanction of the Vatican."

The League of Human Rights: "This type of declaration cannot but deeply hurt all persons whose take on reality is different from that of the Pope. We are thinking in particular of those hospitalised or incarcerated, whose horizon is limited to four walls; and also of all victims of rare illnesses who cannot through their senses perceive the atmospheric situation. Here is, undoubtedly, a desire of discrimination between 'nice', as it should be perceived by all, and those who feel things differently. We shall without delay attack the Pope in court."

In Rome, certain members of the Curia tried to mitigate the words of the Pope, referring to his age and to the possibility of a misunderstanding, but without success so far.
Oh, thank gosh this is satire. I am so gullible; I thought it was real, and felt like banging my head on my keyboard!  :doh:
(07-02-2009, 09:52 PM)veritatem_dilexisti Wrote: New scandal following an interview with the Pope

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