Eastern Traditions
(07-06-2009, 09:54 PM)anthony Wrote: SCHISMATICS! ALL OF THEM!

Joking or misinterpretting "Eastern"?

I'm referring to the Eastern churches, which are members of the Church as the Latin church.


I am not referring  to the Eastern Orthodox, although their traditions are usually shared, so citations for them can be valid, as long as the tradition is not only for the Orthodox (I really don't know any that specific, most traditions are based in antiquity)
Try this for a taste of the East...

Of course I'm joking. Look at my profile.
(07-06-2009, 10:55 PM)anthony Wrote: Of course I'm joking. Look at my profile.
"Sarcastic and spiteful." I see :)

Here's one:  :pray: . The Sign of the Cross is made from right to left rather than from left to right.

I tend to Sign myself with the Eastern tradition: the thumb, middle finger, and index finger together representing the Trinity, the ring finger and pinky curled in the palm symbolizing the two natures of Christ.
(07-03-2009, 01:06 AM)Borromeo Wrote: Here are 2 sites.  (I was lurking again...)



I believe this must be Eastern Catholic because they are using beads, whereas Orthodox use rope.   But it is the same thing.  The Jesus Prayer is said on the knots/beads.  Most of the sites about the prayer rope are Orthodox sites.  It is hard to find Eastern Catholic sites or Western Catholic sites for that matter, that promote the prayer rope. 

Beads are also used with Eastern Orthodox bracelets. Most websites referring to Chotki are indeed Orthodox websites.

Here is a website that offers Orthodox prayer bracelets with beads: https://www.prayer-bracelet.com/chotki-and-komboskini/

But I found this website offering Catholic rope + bead combination bracelets: https://wanderercatholic.com/blogs/wanderer-life/product-spotlight-wanderer-handmade-waterproof-rosary-bracelets

ope this helps. 

It's interesting but I can't figure it out ! It would be nice to summarize please.
(07-04-2009, 05:39 PM)Historian Wrote: Thanks.

Are there any collections of Eastern prayers you can find online? Having found some Eastern prayers, I think they are very beautiful and it would be good to have them for my site.

Here's a whole prayer book for you!  "Byzantine Catholic Prayer For The Home"--you can look at it online or download it to your computer--free! https://archive.org/details/ByzantineCat...ForTheHome

Also, check out https://byzcath.org/

And....Phillip Rolfes is a "convert" from Roman Catholicism to Eastern Rite Catholicism.  He makes and sells prayer ropes and (like me!) is into Celtic music.  Check this out: https://thateasterncatholicguy.blogspot....-page.html
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