Video Interview with Bp Williamson in London, June 2009
When he refers to the "Nine" I think of the Nazgul.... :laughing:
Fascinating, as usual. God bless him.
Bishop Williamson is truly one of the only serious thinking bishops left in the world. The quality of the questions and the depth of Williamson is something to marvel. This is Traditionalism at its best. Conciliarism is completely taken apart and is shown as the decay it is. 
A fantastic interview  :)
Williamson gives one of the best definitions and metaphors of Coniciliarism in Question 28, when deals with the question of the Catholic Church and the Conciliar Church.
Excellent interview Stephen,

I suggest that you or someone you trust, sift through the highlights and post a few short videos on youtube and other sites in order to help counteract the distorted attacks against the bishop.  Good advertisement for Catholic websites as well.  It could concievably convert a few Saul of Tarsus type of reporters. 

Also, follow the bishop's suggestion and let's get DVD's of him out there! 

God Bless Bishop Williamson.
I really enjoyed this interview. His answers are so lucid; each is thoughtful and truthful.
(07-03-2009, 02:00 PM)didishroom Wrote: When he refers to the "Nine" I think of the Nazgul.... :laughing:
You say the darndest things. I love it.

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