"Final Rules Broaden Pool for Stem Cell Research"
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Another step backwards thanks to the Obama administration.

I heard this on a Christian radio station on my drive home.  But they didn't make a stand for or against it.  I guess I shouldn't expect anything prolife from a protestant station, since they are trying to be accepting of most viewpoints.  They made a point of saying that many were against the Bush administration's limiting stem cell research because that meant a disruption to research that could potentially save lives.  I wanted to tell them, "Okay, so you justify taking a life to save another?"  It reminds me of the unethical medical experiments the Nazi's did.  We can't use human life as a means to an end. 

Keep praying...  :pray2: :pray:
This is exactly what I keep sayin' 'bout our seperated brethern. They don't get it. These issues are a multi-headed hydra and being against abortion, but being for contraception, causes a dis-ordered reasoning. In plain English if one contracepts, one is guilty of murder, and after awhile they become inured of all the other types of murder, this included. I would extend it further, the root cause of most murder in the USA is contraception.

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