Pauline Chapel reopened and renovated--Back to tradition!!!
(07-07-2009, 01:17 PM)Dauphin Wrote: The altar was moved forward to permit it to be completely encircled while being incensed, which is ideal. To say that every freestanding altar is a `protestant table` is simply blasphemous. Freestanding altars have an ancient history in the church, and are perfectly in line with Catholic Tradition.

It`s this sort of ignorant numskullery which gives traditionalists a bad name.

This isn't the early centuries is it? There has been development in doctrine and liturgy since then. The Fixed Altar has been the Catholic tradition for the most recent centuries. Your opinion of Freestanding Altars is the error of Antiquarianism.

There are certain conditions that might allow Freestanding Altars, most of these are mostly due to temporary circumstances.

There is no excuse for a church or chapel that will be around in history for centuries like this Papal chapel will, to have a Freestanding Altar instead of a Fixed one.

Freestanding Altars is now a Protestant tradition that has been around in the last couple of centuries because of their rejection of sacrifice in the liturgy.

The only numskullery is those with power in the Church who contine to ignore Catholic tradition/theology in the liturgy, and contine  to use the symbols of Protestantism to keep alive the liturgical revolution of the Modernists and heretics.

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