Why Don't Catholics Do More to Evangelize Protestants?
Scipio_a Wrote:Unfortunately in my case I do not see these things as separable.  So I cannot send them to just any place!  The idea of trad and Catholic are the same to me and the idea of NO is not (to me) so I cannot in good conscience send anyone there as it would be the same as sending them to a Baptist fellowship (in my view)...

This may well be the case with you. Perceptions can be dangerous. What we see as the 10,000 lb. gorilla (for instance, "the Novus Ordo") isn't a blip on the radar of infidels.

The reason I'm so adamant about the above point is because I once took the position of inundating a prospective convert with all of this Vatican II stuff. The poor kid was scared off. One will often hear talk of Christians being irrelevant in their outlook and presentations. That was me. The fellow who was interested in converting wanted to know the purpose of his existence, if God loves him, is the Bible the word of God, etc. As a response I gave him something totally out of left field about the M0dernists in the Church.

In my defense, I do believe there were some other reasons the guy lost interest, however I'm equally sure a lot of the traditionalist stuff, from the Latin Mass, to the Rosary, to a number of other things, just overwhelmed him. It was too much too soon. Nonetheless, trad issues made their appearance on my evangelical radar just as soon, and that was an error.

Quote:Now if you are advocating sending non-Christians to any "Christian" church like a Baptist one, or Anglican one, or Pentecostal one, then OK I take your point, but I'd have to disagree. -- I don't think that is what you mean though.

Firstly, while Protestantism is a heresy, Protestants are Christians by virtue of their Baptism. Therefore no quotes are necessary. What no Protestant group has is a "church," an assembly which can claim apostolic linage. This is where quotes would have been more in line.

At any length, I used the word "priest" in my prior post to indicate it would be smart to send a prospective Catholic convert to a local Catholic religious official, which are commonly called "priests." It would be unwise to send said individuals to Protestants.

Quote:Once again an NO would have the same prob with sending someone to SSPX so you just can't look at it without the crisis

Don't be so sure. In the bad olde' days when I taught CCD in a Novus Ordo parish (it was a hellish experience dealing with the powerfreak DREs to the boob students), I openly told my fellow teachers and priests that I attended an SSPX chapel on Sundays. To a man everyone was muttered a disinterested, "oh," and left it at that. I might as well have told them I attended Mass conducted by some obscure group from Timbuctoo.

Truth be told, a relatively few number of Novus Ordo folk even know about "the crisis," let alone the SSPX. I also know from conversations that a number of the old timers in my area - people who generally are better read than most Christians - are supporters of the Latin Mass, and gobble up publications like Catholic Family News all the time. I bring up the above only to reinforce that point that it's unwise to confuse stupidity - or in this case, ignorance - with animosity.

Assuming general ignorance from you local Novus Ordo parish, and obvious ignorance from a prospective convert, it would be wise simply to scope out the nearest parish with a solid preacher and take it from there.

We often forget how much damage we trads do to any latent feelings of catholicity when we send prospective converts 38 miles down the road, and three towns away, to get to the nearest “safe” chapel, with strict orders to avoid any and all churches and Christians in route.

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