Neocatechumenal Way
There's a new priest at our local NO parish and he's trained in the "Neocatechumenal Way."  What is this?  One of the websites I've found is starting to scare me . . .
(07-12-2009, 07:46 PM)Fontevrault Wrote: There's a new priest at our local NO parish and he's trained in the "Neocatechumenal Way."  What is this?  One of the websites I've found is starting to scare me . . .

It's hard to know the authenticity of this page absent supporting evidence, but it claims to reproduce excerpts from the Neo-Catechumenal catechesis materials. At least one of the sections quoted appeared in the report on the Neo-Catechumenal Way published in a diocesan publication in Bristol (UK) in the 1990s.

And here's a report from 2006 of liturgical practises which Pope Benedict demanded be modified.
Avoid it.
The Holy See approved “The Way” in 2008 so I have to hope the Pope knows what he’s doing. However, on a parish level, any small faith group can get kooky – just as the RCIA ministry can get kooky. I understand the post-catechumenate period. Most parishes that have RCIA also have a “settling in” period called Mystagogy. But the Neocatechumenal Way is not Mystagogy. It’s much, much more. How long do neophytes need to hold each other’s hands and stand apart from other Catholics? I would think assimilation in ordinary parish and liturgical life as soon as possible should be strongly encouraged (of course, who agrees on what is “ordinary” these days?) Maybe I just don’t understand The Way’s purpose.

- Lisa
All helpful info.  Thank you!

Here's what's weird.  We hadn't been to this church in a while (on vacation) and the other new priest ended mass by inviting all those who wished to learn more about Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and the Brown Scapular into the little Marian chapel.  He talked about the importance of the scapular and its responsibilities and then invited those who wished to become invested.  He had scapulars and prayers for all.  He seems like a good priest who wants to encourage people in traditional practices.  So, I went on-line to look at his bio.  He looks to be fairly orthodox and capable of fostering a strong sense of community (based on his past work).  I feel like a sense of what it means to be Catholic and different is part of what's missing right now in the church, so I'm hoping for good things from him.  Then, I read up on our new priest (fresh out of seminary) and he's the one that seems a little weird.  I'm now a little worried.

This honestly makes me sick.
I'm sorry to have saddened you with information you were blissfully unaware of . . .

I just figured I could get info here.
I have heard nothing but bad things about them. I know they are in general very hostile to tradition and especialy the TLM. I have seen their Masses on youtube and the whole congregation sits in a circle around the Alter even during the consecration and then the Priest will give the bread (they usualy use the unleavened bread type of species) to one of the parishioners and then they pass it around each breaking off a piece same with the wine. They say it is more like the authentic last supper I would stay away from them. The Pope only approved of them because the year before he issued the MP and he wanted to throw a bone to the liberals too. Towards the end of his Pontificate even JPII was concerned with their liturgical abuses. :fish:

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