Anyone else been in the truly unpleasant situation of being 'overemployed'?
Without going into great detail, I was working in a department that was being dissolved, and was able to transfer to a new department. As it turns out, even though I made it through two interviews and was hired, I've since discovered I'm in way over my head.

So now, I daily trudge through, but find myself constantly secretly planning an exit strategy. I know I may be able to stay on at least for a few months, maybe even longer, but I can tell you, I am not having fun. The stress is overbearing at times. I got my first red flag when I came home one day and I could not muster any emotion to match my exuberant kids. I felt like a zombie. Not to say I've never had days like that before in other jobs, I have, and that's pretty normal, we all have stress. But it's chronic now, and my default mood seems to be grumpy sprinkled with anxiety.  ;D

But as far as being 'overemployed', I just have enough self-actualization to know so. When you know, you know. A high school football player will make the same self assessment if he plays on an NFL team.

Anyway, anyone else been in, or is currently in this situation? What did you do to get by and cope?

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Anyone else been in the truly unpleasant situation of being 'overemployed'? - by Beatissima Mariae - 07-15-2009, 04:52 PM

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