Anyone with experience with NaProTECHNOLOGY?
I was wondering:  Is there anyone here with experience/information on NaProTECHNOLOGY (a health science based on the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, used to monitor and maintain a woman's gyneacologic health. It also provides medical and surgical treatments that coöperate with the reproductive system) ?
A little bit -- not lots. We were trained to do NFP in the Creighton model, which is the same group of doctors (founded by Dr Thomas Hilgers) as the NaProTech folks. I know that it can be really helpful in addressing gynecological and/or reproductive problems that conventional medicine can't treat, precisely because conventional medicine slaps a band-aid on the problem -- usually the Pill -- and treats the symptoms, not the underlying cause. The charting plus some other specialized kinds of testing can help get at what is really going on with a woman's cycle, and treatment can commence with that knowledge in mind, and in a way that does not disrupt fertility unnecessarily.

We looked into addressing some health issues I was having in this way, but never got around to it before we had to move away from the area where the NaProTech physician was available to us. Then the issue seemed to resolve on its own, but I had good experiences for the brief time I was being treated, and would still go to Creighton doctors first if I needed them and they were available to me.

You already have the site, so there isn't much more I can direct you to online, unfortunately. I did a lot of looking myself and there really just isn't much. But if you have the site, you can search for a practicing Creighton/NPT physician in your area, and I'm sure they can tell you more.
Thanks for your reply.

The reason I'm interested is not to achieve or avoid pregnancy, -as I am still single-, but because I have some health problems that the conventional medicine indeed tries to 'solve'  only by perscribing the Pill or some medication that completely suppresses the cycle.

Up until now there was no NaProTechnology physician here in the Netherlands.  Recently however we have one doctor that was trained in the Creighton Model FertillityCare and NaProTechnology method in the US, so I have made an appointment with this doctor.

I did check the website, I was just wondering if there was anyone with experience with this that could tell me something about it.

But again thank you very much for your reply.
You're welcome! Glad I could help, even if only a little. For what it's worth, I know single women -- even nuns! -- who have used Creighton/NPT charting to overcome health problems, to good effect. From conversations we have had, I can say they are very pleased with the results.
What Flannery said.  I've done a ton of research on it for nursing school when I was in the OB rotation and the ethics class, so I could get the info out to my patients and other classmates.  At least one doctor was impressed with the simple principle behind it and wants to be trained in the method.  I don't know if he ever was, since I never saw him again once the semester ended.  But I think it's great, because there are no risks involved whatsoever and you won't be merely masking symptoms.  The only drawback is the length of time involved in diagnosing the problem will mean a delay in giving appropriate treatment, but the alternative is to not really fix it at all.

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