Hello! New here...
The screwtape letters is such a good book...mmmmm....gouuuuddaaaa. Im Dutch, we love gouda
A Screwtape letter (or part of a letter) is printed each month in the Dutch FSSPX magazine, in translation of course. I liked them so much that I just ordered the book from Amazon. Can't wait to read them all...
(09-03-2009, 05:39 PM)vinceteipsum Wrote: @CollegeCatholic:
Since you're from the Netherlands....  what languages do you speak?  (Asking people is far more interesting than looking at Wikipedia).  (I also just found out that Holland = a part of the Netherlands, and you people are the "Dutch." 

Now it gets really confusing: the language is called "Dutch" as well. In Dutch, however, our language is called: "Nederlands". The German language is called "Duits" in Dutch. Are you still with me?
Quite a lot of people in the Netherlands speak English to a more or less comprehensible degree. Many Dutchmen and -women, however, rely on the well-proven fact that all foreigners, no matter where they come from, seem to miraculously understand Dutch if spoken very, VERY loudly and slowly.

Lol.  That's pretty cool?  I think?

Thanks for the info!
(09-07-2009, 06:26 PM)vinceteipsum Wrote: Inpefess,

Let's be careful. I wonder what Uncle Screwtape would have to say about our musings on and craving for Gouda cheese and croissants... "Encourage them to think that such pleasures are harmless. After all, it's only a slice of cheese and some French bun, they will say. In reality, we both know that it's gula, pure and simple. They are well under way to Our Father Below. Apart from luxuria, it is of course gula which delivers most of our patients to us. Affectionately yours...."

I was just making conversation.
(07-22-2009, 06:13 PM)vinceteipsum Wrote: Thank you all very much for your welcome wishes!

Nice statue, Melita! This statue would feel at home in my church, I'd say. Here is a view of the interior:

[Image: 2mdw09.gif]

The outside structure of the church dates back to the 1470s. After 1568, the protestants confiscated all Catholic churches in the Netherlands and outlawed the Catholic faith. This particular church was (ab)used as a market hall for textiles. In 1807, a ship loaded with gunpowder exploded nearby and severely damaged the building. The Netherlands were then under French occupation and governed by Louis Napoleon (brother of Napoleon). Louis Napoleon heard of the explosion, and decreed that the church be given back to the Catholics and rebuilt.  So, the style of the interior is very early-19th century: white, classicist, ornamental. And of course the church was dedicated to St. Louis.

As for my attempts at personal holiness: my wife already has complimented me on the fact that I have become much more tranquil and agreeable since my "conversion". Her father was a staunch atheist, so it will not be easy converting her. She is now reading some apologetic literature I have pointed out to her. She has announced that she wants to come with me to Mass in the near future, to see for herself.

I would simply die if that were my church! How Beautiful! I think Id permanently move in!

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