Thoughts on Vatican II and a question for you
No! Most Catholics were pursuing holiness before Vatican II, afterward no one was. If you are reflecting on the fact that many didn't want to say go to Stations of the Cross and had to force themselves it is evidence they were working at the practice of Catholicism.  We are a sinful lot, and it don't come easy. We looked to the Bishops, and Priests to lead us and when the changes came many many many felt betrayed. This gobbledygook of the need for massive change is blaming the wrong people. The Church is hierarchical the Priests are led by the Bishops and they in turn are led by the Pope. We were to practice by remaining in the state of Grace through the Sacraments and our own favorite devotions. Generations upon generations have been saved in this manner. They were the shepherds and we were the sheep. Sheep do not lead they follow until you have a shepherd that is a hireling, then they get eaten. We need more Priests with Apostolates like we need another hole in our posteriors. What we need is Priests in Parishes and a return to ghetto parishes.  For instance a mother like you Lisa, that teaches her children to pray the rosary, and this takes time as you know, is doing more good than all the blow hards put together talking to prots or mohammedans. The Extraordinary form of the Mass in Latin  is the best catechesis we ever had; they way you pray is the way you believe.

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