Thoughts on Vatican II and a question for you
My father tells me that many Catholics back in the 50s didn't really understand or engage in the mass.  This is hard for most traditional Catholics to understand today because the Latin Mass has become a rallying point for a return to all traditional practices and an active faith that extends beyond Sundays.  We look at the Latin Mass, its sense of grandeur and ceremony, its reverence, and its beauty as a means of bringing back not just reverence in general but the cultural practices that made Catholicism extraordinary and different.  We all want a time when morals are not considered relative and there are clear boundaries that define goodness and truth.  According to my understanding, (based on Dad) few actually received communion back in the 50s because of their overwhelming sense of sin and lack of a desire to go to confession.  Faith seemed formulaic and stagnant.  So, Vatican II was supposed to change that.  Did it?  No, it confused Catholics and allowed moral relativism in infiltrate into our culture and practice.  We went to an extreme that became frightening and downright disrespectful in some cases.

The upshot of all this:  I'm not sure the 50s were idyllic.  The period had its own problems.  That doesn't mean we can't look backward for inspiration; we just need to be careful about romanticizing the past.

Well, my two cents. . .

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