Thoughts on Vatican II and a question for you
Maybe what was needed wasn't restoration (of a time that had problems) or renewal, but "rejuvenation."  People needed to be catechized better and encouraged to learn more about their Faith and witness to it, but they didn't need to have it turned upside down.  The dissent that was already growing in the 40s and 50s needed to be addressed, but that's the one thing that didn't happen, even though combating heresy seems to be the purpose of most Councils.

What's striking, looking back as someone who wasn't there, is that they didn't just make changes in the areas where there were problems, they changed everything.  It seems like nothing was left alone.  The altar wasn't just moved away from the wall, it was lowered and turned into a table.  The tabernacle wasn't just taken off the altar; many times it was moved into a separate room.  Latin wasn't replaced with the vernacular in a few helpful places, it was removed entirely (which goes against all the documents as far as I've seen).  They didn't just add some songs to the songbooks; they changed the words to all the old ones (and not just to feminize them, but to remove other traditional language too).  And so on and so on.  With all that, I doubt people felt like their religion was being renewed--more like it was being overhauled or replaced.

Michael Voris talks about how VII said lay people should be more involved in spreading the Gospel to the nations, meaning a lay ministry doing things the clergy and religious weren't doing, but that people interpreted "ministry" to mean doing more things at Church, including taking over for the priest by doing readings and EMHCs and so on.  With so many things changing, it was all so wide open, it seems like people thought there were no limits anymore; whatever anyone could stretch a VII document or a papal statement to support was fair game.

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