Thoughts on Vatican II and a question for you
Quote:Now wait, Doc. The Pope who presided over most of Vatican II and issued the new Mass is the same Pope who wrote Humane Vitae, and he was mocked by liberal clergy and theologians and ignored by many Catholics. No, I can’t say Pope Paul was an ineffectual hand wringer or a Modernist hell-bent in destroying the Church. In the late 60s, Humane Vitae was a big issue. Outside of that, I think that all Post Council Popes have been weak and timid with regards to the liturgy and the demands of the bishops. Too much local jurisdiction was given to the bishops at Vatican II and now the Popes are stuck with this.

The same pope who let a theological commission "study" ABC for 5 years before Humanae Vitae. In 1930, Casti Connubii explicitly condemned in principle any form of ABC, as well as abortion. The question "when does life begin" is irrelevant, as ABORTION was condemned.

Paul VI confused things by his actions.

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