Thoughts on Vatican II and a question for you
(07-25-2009, 12:54 AM)James02 Wrote: The big problem was the persecution of Fr. Feeney.  The Church had been very successful in winning converts.  If we had stayed militant, the USA would have been a completely Catholic country by 1960.  However our leader caved for the respect of men, instead of fear of our God.

I agree, although I think the real problem was why they persecuted Fr. Feeney. I am trying to expose the error of "Feeneyism" without implicating Fr. Feeney at all. One point which I consider important to establish was that Fr. Feeney was not a "Feeneyite". It was necessary for his liberal enemies, who perfectly realized the great danger to their enterprise posed by one priest (a courageous and famous one, with a prominent position inside the inner bastions). They cleverly found a chink in his armor and, using their power in the media, focused the attention on Fr. Feeney, and away from themselves and their own heresy (which was the liberal explicit denial of Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus).

I am not defending all that Fr. Feeney had said or done, only saying that the real issue here is misunderstood by many, if not most.

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