Thoughts on Vatican II and a question for you
(07-25-2009, 03:57 PM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote: My understanding was that Fr. Feeney was excommunicated because he failed to appear in Rome after several summons – a direct disobedience to legitimate Church authority. Of course, the summons was related to his strict interpretation of EENS, but that’s not why he was excommunicated per se. It is also my understanding that he was reconciled to the Church before his death. Interesting that he fought what he perceived to be liberalism in the Church even in the 1940s. 

- Lisa 

How do you know this?

Fr. Feeney's position was precisely that he wanted Rome to judge the doctrinal questions he had highlighted - especially his charges of heresy against the teachers at Boston College. The Holy Office could have been charging him with a doctrinal point or points, disobedience to his superiors or his bishop, taking vows in a new religious order without a dispensation, or whatever. The fact is that he didn't know exactly why he was summonned to Rome, and neither do we.

It is also important to point out that the letter from the Holy Office merely clarified the doctrine of EENS. It seems to me that the letter was intended to settle a controversy privately by clarifying the doctrine for both parties, without extending the debate any further. This was a typical display of Roman prudence and caution.

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