Thoughts on Vatican II and a question for you
That happened because most people in the Church had forgotten what Archbishop LeFebvre realized:  absolute unquestioning obedience is not a Catholic virtue.  Somehow or other the virtue of obedience was distorted in practice and in theory prior to Vatican II.  It came to be believed by many in the Church Militant that the Authentic Magisterium was incapable of removing itself from the Holy Ghost's protection against the teaching of errors and serious violations of justice and therefore endangerement of the people's faith.

That is one explanation I have read.

Thus, I would say that Vatican I's teaching on the ways in  which the Magisterium exercises its teaching authority was insufficiently complete, or at least that a council or encyclical was needed to clarify what had become unclear about this matter.  For Satan has used this lack of clarity in this matter to lead some into a montanist way of life and sedevacantism.  It was also most certainly the direct cause of the Humanae Vitae rebellion.  For pastors did not realize that a pope could teach something infallibly, without formally invoking his infallible charism, in virtue of the thing taught having been long-taught by previous popes and bishops.  That is how the Authentic Magisterium normally operates in safeguarding the Depositum Fidei.  But the distinction of the Authentic Magisterium was apparently widely forgotten.

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