Thoughts on Vatican II and a question for you
I don't agree with Dickens' subjective view of history.  I believe it is possible to make an objective judgment about historical periods after a thorough study.  Also, there is a hierarchy in reality.  Some things that were attacked in one period are inferior to those attacked in our period.  The notion of dogma itself is being attacked in our time.  This has never been done before.  A professor at Christendom College has called Modernism "the first meta-linguistic heresy."  That is good description and reflects just how insidious this heresy is.

I agree totally about living during a time when three men claim to be pope.  For some reason, the present crisis does not lend itself to the sensational as previous crises did.  Perhaps this is due to the metaphysical nature of the attack.  But I have reasons for thinking that the present crisis is about to manifest itself in a very external way that will show <i>more visibly</i> that it is unprecedented in severity.  I hope, through prayer, that this can be averted.

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