Thoughts on Vatican II and a question for you
(07-27-2009, 04:36 PM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote:
(07-27-2009, 04:22 PM)Zakhur Wrote: But I have reasons for thinking that the present crisis is about to manifest itself in a very external way that will show <i>more visibly</i> that it is unprecedented in severity.  I hope, through prayer, that this can be averted.

Interesting. Could you expand on that?

I will expand on one aspect of that to which I am referring in that statement, for there are all kinds of ways this external manifestation of the present crisis could take place.

Liberal democracies are doomed to collapse from the inside, for they are based on the false premise that government draws its authority to govern from the consent of the governed.  The fact that the premise is false is proved merely from Scripture; Christ told Pontius Pilate that any authority that Pilate had over Him had been given Pilate by God.  Pilate himself, by his next actions, denied this principle.  He asked the crowd to tell him what to do with Jesus.  That was very democratic and liberal of him!  The crowd, as we know, voted against Divine Law.

Someone might object that this does not prove that liberal democracies are doomed.  Take the case of the American Constitution.  The Constitution is the foundation of all law and government in the United States.  The Constitution itself, though, exists because of the "will of the people" as I heard one conservative Supreme Court justice put it.  This is a ridiculous situation because if human law is not founded on Divine Law, human law can eventually, and will inevitably without the presence of sanctifying grace in legislators, contradict Divine Law.  We see this happening today in every liberal democracy on earth.

One of the Church's tasks in the modern era has been to contradict the false doctrines of liberal philosophy (btw:  when I say "liberal" I am talking about classical liberal philosophy as expressed by men like John Locke or Thomas Jefferson, not today's popular liberalism; although the latter is a lesser intellectual child of the former and relies on the former for its theoretical foundation).  The popes before Vatican II performed mostly admirably in this regard.  The council, and the posture which the Church hierarchy now presents to these errors, is a sad compromise.

This situation will, perhaps soon, lead to the almost worldwide persecution of Christianity.  The world, the secular, is opposed, in its essence, to Christ, to God.  Christ always said so.

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