Thoughts on Vatican II and a question for you
(07-27-2009, 02:59 PM)lamentabili sane Wrote:
(07-27-2009, 02:55 PM)Zakhur Wrote: Who said anything about today's ecclesiastical authority being illegitimate?  That's not the point, and those who say so are simply wrong.  The sedevacantist position is dead wrong.

"Archbishop Lefebvre" Wrote:"It appears to us much more certain that the faith taught by the Church over twenty centuries cannot contain error than that there is absolute certainty that the Pope really is the pope. Heresy, schism, ipso facto excommunication, and the invalidity of the election are all potential reasons why a Pope was never really the pope or should cease to be the pope. In such a case, clearly a very exceptional one, the Church would find herself in a situation similar to that which she experiences after the decease of a Sovereign Pontiff. For, in a word, a very serious problem presents itself to the conscience and the faith of all Catholics since the beginning of the papacy of Paul VI. How is that a Pope, the true successor of Peter, assured of the assistance of the Holy Spirit, could preside over the destruction of the Church, the most profound and extensive in her history, in such a short space of time, something which no heresiarch has ever succeeded in doing? To this question there will one day have to be a reply." - Declaration by Mgr Lefebvre to Figaro, reproduced in Monde et Vie no 264, for 27 August 1976. This was shortly after he was suspended a divinis (in July 1976) for ordaining priests contrary to the order of Paul VI.


Your point is well taken.  However, I cannot forget Liberius.  I cannot forget Alexander IV.  The latter brought such infamy to the hierarchy that I wonder if he did not in some way contribute to the Protestant Reformation.  I do not in any way think that what those two popes did was as damaging to the Faith on Earth as what Paul VI did.  They merely, with Peter's denial of Christ, open the way for me to begin to understand how a pope could do what Paul VI did.

If Paul VI's cause for canonization is ever brought forth, we will then get our answer.  If not sooner.

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