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My dad has a small gig as a blogger for this site...They do books I guess but I don't really care about that.

I thought some of his stuff might be interesting to some here:

This is what he claims his blog is for:

Quote:Maven : Bob Mosby

This MindShare Salon explores issues of faith, spirituality, ethics, values and morals through discussion on organized religion, theology, cults, religious sects, alternative religions and anti-theism and their impacts on philosophy, politics, science and culture. This topic strikes a very personal chord with most; my hope is to stir the pot and solicit rousing debate.

now just so you know, my dad is conserv NO and strongly so, he is a trained philosopher from Gtown and UVA so he's tough to beat although we have all seen his arguments (to some extent) about the NO before ...nothing really changes...he also has a fairly vast knowledge of Church history being taught at Bergen Cath as a youth...he can be dangerous, because unlike newskrewlman and Mcmasters, my dad actually has skill at this stuff.

The good news is, that unlike most conserv NOs he has strong sympathies to the SSPX and periodically attends his local EF and would not be averse to attending SSPX when here or if I took him to the one in Orange.

Fortunately the blog is NOT about trad cath vs NO...it is a much wider field

So if anyone's interested sign up and jump in and behave.

I miss McMaster.

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