Why was England so interested in conquering Ireland?

Hitler wanted to keep the Poles as slaves for the Reich, to occupy their land, and eventually replace the Poles with Germans.  He tried to suppress Poland as a country, i.e. there would be no Poland in existence, only uncultured, unlettered slaves.  The Soviets did not try to force the Poles to be Russians, did not end higher education of Poles (the Germans did that), did not aim at the annihilation of the Polish nation, etc.  Poland during the days of the Warsaw Pact still was a nation that existed.  It survived and exists today.  Had Hitler won the war, there would be no independent Poland today, just Germany expanding ever farther to the East.  Poland survived 40+ years of Communism.  They would not be in such good shape today had the Nazis ruled them for 40+ years. 

By the way, the Nazis weren't "opposed to Communism."  They supported their own racial-eugenic-pagan form of Communism.  They were collectivists and totalitarians, just like the Bolsheviks.  So he opposed his own form of Communism to the economic-materialistic-international one to the East. 

In any case, I wasn't trying to exonerate the English when it comes to crimes they did commit.  Just fend off your extraneous "Hitler-wasn't-so-bad-I-guess" nonsense.

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