Why was England so interested in conquering Ireland?
sinn fein and the provos were and are traitors!!!! no doubt about that. but u need to be corrected though u might want to believe qaddafii was the main benefactor tot he IRA thats not the case. it was Irish Americans that supported the irish struggle far more and for far longer then qaddaffi.
the PROVOS though the most famous were and are not  the only armed group. the violence done to Ireland and the destruction of Irish culture is a direct result of english imperialism. the english shouldn't dare speak to the Irish with crocodile tears about violence. thats just lunacy.
why would we take the war to england again?
thats pretty well it and although it doesn't make for good politics im not a politician.
the brits need to be PUNISHED!
its that simple.
for me nannies sake for me mama and all the irish lassies who saw the brits shoot poor lads dead.
thats why.
and sure forgive but PUNISH just the same! its a deep deep hard struggle and no we wont stop. were just takin a  break right. for 800 years we've been fighting them but i promise u this. it wont go for another 800 thats for sure.
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