Why was England so interested in conquering Ireland?
"There is much you do not realize about the goals of International Communism. They don't want anyone to retain their "nationality", they don't believe in sovereign nations or peoples. Also realise that much of Hitlers disputes with Poland went back to the conclusion of WW1 in which Poland and other nations illegally seized German lands and blamed her for the cause of the great war with a devastating bill to pay for it. Poland was on board for many of these things  which infuriated the National Socialists."

And there is much you apparently do not realize about the goals of National Socialism.  They didn't recognize Slavs, particularly Poles, as being human like themselves.  They viewed them as slaves for the Reich at best, vermin to be exterminated at worst.  Were there legitimate grievances between Germans and Poles?  Yes, *absolutely.*  As hard as it may seem, I'm not coming at this as a lock-step-all-I-know-is-my-high-school's-Holocaust-class type.  But National Socialism was about far more than legitimate German grievances.  Their ideology would not have been content with a sort of Axis version of the Warsaw Pact that the Soviets forced upon Eastern Europe.  They wanted Poland gone, ground up, its language gone, its identity effaced.  Were the Communists *capable* of such things?  I cannot see them doing anything worse to the Poles than they did to the Russian people themselves.  The Nazis wanted to treat the Germans and Poles *vastly* differently.  Life and death differently. 

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