Why was England so interested in conquering Ireland?
(07-25-2009, 09:15 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: if the brits wouldnt of stayed with the amry sas u name it the the prods would of went back to the union if they wanted or joined the republic or been killed.
simple really.
no i dont propose and i eyey for an eye but an eye for a life seems good int his regard.
they will not get away with this. cant u see this is not over?
open your eyes.

You said that you were talking about *now* and I'm talking about *now.*  If the people of Ulster wanted to join the Republic, I doubt the English would stop them.  The bulk of the people of Ulster don't want to join the Republic and if you'd like to replace peaceful means of resolving the problems there with violent ones, well, may God either inspire you to reconsider or make your conquest as swift as it is relatively bloodless and the peace afterward remarkably easy given the circumstances. 

And in yet another irony of history, the British Army was initially sent into Northern Ireland *to protect the Catholics from the Unionists* (I'm sure you know that, DK, I'm just saying it for those who might not know).

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