Why was England so interested in conquering Ireland?

***And we saw what the Nazis did in Eastern Europe too!!!*** But you choose to ignore that.  Ask any Pole what it was like living under the Nazis.  It wasn't better than living under the Communists.  What's your evidence that Generalplan Ost was the product of "forced confessions"?  The official responsible for the plan testified as to what the plan was.  Why should we believe him?  Because it fits the absolute disdain for innocent Slavic life that the Nazis showed in their conquest of Poland and their extermination of the Polish intelligentsia and mass numbers of laborers.  Ya ever heard of St. Maximilian Kolbe?  Or those 108 Martyrs whose biographies I linked to above? The Nazis did implement a number of the plans -- such as Operation Tannenberg.  I am willing to acknowledge both Nazi and Communist depravities. They both murdered millions of innocent people in pursuit of stupid, evil goals. You focus solely on the latter. 

And two of Hitler's major enemies were the Vicars of Christ, Popes Pius XI and XII.  And another one was Engelbert Dollfuss, the brave Austrian patriot and Catholic assassinated by Nazi thugs. 

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