Why was England so interested in conquering Ireland?
I'm with DK on this one.
Sinn Fein are traitors for forming a government with the British in the North of Ireland (never refer to it as Northern Ireland and correct them when they do).
Martin mcGuinness has been informing on the IRA since the late 70s.He has been at the forefront of negotiations for power sharing.Its sickening. Hes currently earns over 100k pa for his new position.
Gerry adams is not a Republican and most certainly not Catholic. He supports Gay Marriage and is trying to push it through discreetly.
Sinn Fein are also a Pro-Abortion Party and are mainly involved in Drugs and Extortion.
There will be a United Ireland, maybe not in my lifetime, but for sure there will.
And yes, the Brits should be punished for 800 years of atrocities.

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