The Secret Warned Against Vatican II and the New Mass
Yes, the title "Quarto Segreto" is too ambiguous since it seems to claim there is a fourth secret yet to be revealed, and his adversaries much played of it to denigrate Socci's book.
Socci would have been better inspired in titling his book "The hidden part of the Third Secret".
Socci clearly demonstrates that:
1/ There are two different documents relating to the Third Secret
2/ They have been read separately by John XXIII and Paul VI at two different dates
3/ They are kept in two different places in the Vatican
4/ Their length in number of lines and sheets is different
5/ They are placed in two different envelopes, each one bearing different mentions.
5/ Some witnesses who read one of these two documents spoke of the "words of the Virgin" while the disclosed part in 2000 contains no such words but only a description of the vision the children were given to see.
6/ The two previous secrets were composed of a set in two parts "vision / explanation by the Virgin" . In the third one (according to the version given in 2000) there is only one part that is a vision. No explanation is given while getting one would be much helpful. That given by the Vatican, the assassination attempt against JPII, is not at all convincing.
7/ But if anyway the Vatican's explanation of the 3rd Secret is right, why didn't they disclosed it immediately in 1982 to stop the controversy instead of waiting for 18 long years fueling and inflating it?
The reason is evident: They have disclosed only the acceptable part. They are considering the hidden part  as the fruit of the fertile imagination of Sr Lucy since it doesn't match at all the concept they have of the Church of the post VatII era.

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