The Secret Warned Against Vatican II and the New Mass
(07-28-2009, 04:34 PM)James02 Wrote:
Quote: In short, I'm looking for someone to help me understand how or why the main events (consecration and conversion) are to happen opposite to the norm yet bear fruit. I mean that normally, the convert is converted before they receive a consecration.
  Good first part.  It is interesting how it will play out.  I would expect the coming war to involve a reformist Pope, who is then killed.  His successor  (Pope Fellay?) would then complete the consecration.  What this means is the consecration could be a ways off, and follows a reform of the Church, a return back to Tradition.

Of course, if you throw in that the complete "Secret" is revealed, and it blasts the N.O. and Vatican II, you can see that bringing about a reform quickly.

I disagree with your last part.  I think it is very appropriate to consecrate that poor schismatic and heretical nation to Mary for her Motherly care.  However, I agree that they have to have something to convert to.

Ok, I understand the same thing as you, except I disagree with that theory - I say "theory" but maybe "assumption" or "opinion" would be a better word? . . . . . if it is neither a theory or assumption, then by all means, please correct me because to me, it seems you just did a great job of explaining Fr. G's preaching on the matter without me having to read through his thick book.............God bless you for that!

I have all the faith in the world that Our Lord and Blessed Lady will triumph in the end, and please do not take me as being argumentative here because tho I do not necessarily entirely agree with Fr. G, I participate in SSPX's 12 million Rosary Crusade - but more out of  "well, it can't hurt" and I want to believe vs "this is our only hope"............because tho I have tried,  I honestly do not understand how the heck this backwards formula can work.

So here I am, asking those of you out there who are - or have remained involved with Fr. G and his works - to explain to me, in your own words please, how the proper consecration of the entire population of Russia will be the cause of their conversion when the entire population of Russia most likely will not even know that the proper consecration even ever happened.

The chicken came before the egg, conversion comes before the hope of salvation, I need to understand how does conversion from consecration work?

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