Chicken Tikka Masala
... has to be one of the yummiest Indian foods ever!  Has anyone tried to make it?  I found a great recipe for it a while ago and it is now a house staple.

Sorry, had to post because we're having it tonight.  If you try it, the only thing I'd do is cut down on the salt in both the marinade and the main dish.  Who needs that much salt?

thanks for posting! I bookmarked it.

I am pregnant and the idea of food with that much spice and flavor is really grossing my out right now but in a few months, I am going to give it a try! :)
Is this the mercurochrome chicken?

I LOVE that stuff.

sorry - I mean the chicken that's pink - it looks like it's been marinated in mercurochrome.

What you're talking about is the chicken tikka, the red colored chicken that you get from a dry rub and then a bout in a clay oven.  I can't make that, but if you take that same meat and put it in a spicy cream/tomato sauce, you have chicken tikka  ... masala (the sauce).  so though you probably won't have the red/pink chicken you're looking for with this, you will have the tasty sauce conuterpart.

Thanks for posting this.  The recipe looks great.

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