Pope defrocks priest over 'visions' at Medjugorje
Ignores Fatima is the key, it's a diversion so that Our Lady's requests are assigned to the dust bin. This fits nicely in with Antonio Socci's book which I am reading. His contention, from HH Pope Benedict XVI own words over the years, is that HH Pope Benedict XVI understands he is the Pope of the Fatima Prophecy, not John Paul II, as Cardinal Bertone and others have offered. It also makes sense of the current secret commission to look into Fatima. When one stops to think about the "Woman clothed with the Sun" and the Appearance of Our Lady in conjunction with the Miracle of the Sun, the pieces start to fall into place. As St. Lucia had said "the devil wants a decisive battle with Our Lady". A little thing I have picked up lately is when I have a senior moment and am not sure what I was about to do, I remember Il Papa, and pray a Pater Noster, Ave Maria, and the Fatima prayer for him and the Grace to Consecrate Russia without fear of his enemies, and they are everywhere.

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