Pope defrocks priest over 'visions' at Medjugorje
Typical shoddy editing.

Writers don't typically write their own headlines, usually, an news editor or copy editor summarizes the article, but both the writer and the editor here got it wrong.

Quote:The Vatican stripped Father Tomislav Vladic of his priest status after an investigation into growing concerns over the alleged apparitions.

Incorrect, or at least it makes it sound as if the investigation was finished and the punishment was to be defrocked. There are only a few crimes that require a priest leave the clerical state, and he did not commit any of these it seems. Later in the article the writer says that the priest himself decided to leave and requested to be laicised. So, the lede is misleading.

The headline of the Daily Mail article (which I assume is the title for this thread) is also incorrect, because the priest was not reduced to the lay state because of his behavior, but because he appealed to the Pope to be reduced.

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