Are there no more Catholic towns?
(07-29-2009, 01:47 AM)James02 Wrote: Clear Creek Monastery in Oklahoma, but there isn't any work around there, and the ground is pretty poor.  But if you are retired, might be ok.  Way out in the sticks, which might be a good thing before too long.  Reasonable drive time to Tulsa, but not for commuting to work.

Also, there is a small Catholic retirement community in northern Arkansas.  Great survival potential.  Star of the Sea village.  The main town is Cherokee Village.  The local church hosts an FSSP TLM Mass, though the parish itself is NO.  They are starting a Traditional school there also.  Land and houses are real cheap too.
:comp: Hmmm . . . I'll look into this place in Arkansas. Sounds intriguing. Great duck hunt'n. There.

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