Dr. Thomas Woods Jr. in the Dock
More absurdities by people who themselves do not understand the nature of the debate.  Yes, to these people it's against the Magisterium to say that wages aren't arbitrarily decided.  How someone could be so uncomprehending and superstitious as to think a technical question like this is subject to ecclesiastical resolution is beyond me.  What we have here, in fact, is a nasty little blockhead who isn't content to debate the issues, which he is incapable of doing -- he has still not listed a __principle of economic theory__ that involves a moral question -- but who tries to shunt the questioner out of the Church.  Nice caricature of Catholicism.

Here's yet another smash of this stunted point of view: "Chesterton and Belloc: A Critique," by W. Block, M. Epstein, and T. Woods.  http://www.independent.org/publications/....asp?a=632

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