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(07-29-2009, 07:39 PM)anamchara Wrote: Contrary to the protestations of the distributists, this quote is entirely consistent with Austrian economics.  One should "beware of all covetousness" no matter what economic system prevails. 

Actually, I don't know anything about Austrian economics or distributism. I just know how to handle the money I get :)

I don't read Belloc's economic posts, not because they aren't well thought out, but because economics are really not my concern besides getting money for rosary parts and shipping and essential things I need (plus, when I get the extra cash, a bit of entertainment).

Are you a Wage Slave?

What's a wage slave? I am unemployed, so don't have a wage, so I guess I can't be.

I am sorry I assumed you knew.  I thought your post was said to be ironic (in part). 

Wage Slave is a common reference used by Distributionists to describe most modern Americans who earn their living via a set wage.  I get the point they are making but it smack of class envy or class warfare that is so characteristic of Socialism.  I fully expect to be chided by someone for noticing this similarity.  They keep telling me they are not Socialist but then they do or say things like referring to people as Wage Slaves.  When taking with them about this ideology I feel like a gerbil in his little spinning wheel.  No matter how much I try to get somewhere with them on their ideology I find myself in the same place I started out (thinking they are a form of Socialism).

How a wage slave is such a lowly state to them while the day labors mentioned in the Bible and are present even up to this day is better than wage slaves I do not know.  Considering the past attempts to address this kind of question is proving to be another spin on the wheel.

At this point I chalk it up to a bit of mental exercise and a little entertaining too, which may be the use the wheel is to the gerbil.

I never thought I would be comparing myself to some rodent, but there it is, noting to do about it now.

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