Private Revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny
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re: her 'prophecy' about the new Mass. My emphasis, very revealing.

DJR said...
The problem with the alleged quote from Marie Julie Jahenny regarding the new Mass is that it cannot be verified that she ever stated that. The book that contains that quote was written post Vatican II.

There is no evidence that the purported quote is contained in the pre Vatican writings of Jahenny's sayings, most of which come from a French doctor.

That issue was covered on Angelqueen by several of us who can read French and researched the issue. Much like Yves Dupont's book Catholic Prophecy, it suggests a fabrication.

And, of course, some of Sister Catherine Emmerich's alleged quotes about the new Mass which are contained in Dupont's book are verifiably false. Dupont's book was also written post Vatican II.

May 26, 2007 11:42 PM 
Br. Anthony said...
These are serious allegations you bring against these people. However, if I do come across strong evidence that demonstrates their falsehood, then I will retract the post.

In the end, we don't need private revelation to show us that the New Mass is a Masonic/Protestant rite.

May 27, 2007 2:43 PM 
DJR said...
Don't you have it backwards? You have posted something for which there is no evidence. The first time anyone can verifiably find the alleged quotes from Marie Julie Jahenny are in a book written in 1974.
What evidence is there that she actually stated those things, when they cannot be found in the underlying writings that were made pre Vatican II? If you have no evidence for it, you should not post it.

Regarding Yves Dupont's book, the fabrications are verifiable. His book contains manufactured quotes from the primary sources.

See a private email I wrote to someone years ago that was subsequently picked up by someone else and posted on the Internet:

These issues have already been hashed out decades ago among Catholic Traditionalists.

If private revelation is not needed to demonstrate one's point, why use it, particularly when it cannot be verified?

May 28, 2007 5:21 PM 
triciad said...
I was wondering, if she was deaf and dumb (usually being dumb means you could never hear or therefore speak) how did she communicate these visions?
Thanks and God Bless,

August 09, 2008 12:51 AM 
Br. Anthony, T.O.S.F. said...

I am not sure.

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