Private Revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny
(07-29-2009, 09:37 PM)SaintRafael Wrote: I have seen dozens of websites testify that she is Church approved, including Unity Publishing, which is a Catholic website that I know always gets apparitions right,  and I have no doubts about this claim.

The exact information on the bishop and the dates is hard to come by since Marie-Julie Jahenny  is very unknown in America and little is written about her. Many of the primary sources probably can be found in French and among the French people and authorities.

I have introduced the seer and the messages. If Catholics want to know the exact dates of Church approval, you will have to do your own research. There is not much out there in English on the internet.

I am sure her French diocese has all the information. You would have to write to her diocese or Rome.
1.  Mr. S. of Unity Publishing has no authority whatsoever to make pronouncements on whether an apparition is valid.  At most, like the rest of us, all he can do is express his private opinions on them.

2.  It is demonstrable that Mr. S. gets things wrong about apparitions, as you have admitted in the past.  Mr. S. believes that the Blessed Virgin never uses the word "pope" in an apparition and that, if an alleged seer makes that claim, that is proof that the apparition is from Satan.

If Mr. S. were correct, which he is not, Akita and La Salette would both fall under his "Satanic apparitions"category, as in both of those apparitions the claim is made that the Blessed Virgin used the word "pope."  Don't you remember that discussion?

3.  There is no evidence that the comments about the Mass that are found in the book "The Prophecies of La Fraudais" appear in the original sources.  That book was written in 1974, after the new Mass appeared on the scene, and the book is favored by sedevacantists.  However, there is no proof, from any source whatsoever, that Marie Julie Jahenny ever made those comments.

Thus, as with some parts of Yves Dupont's book, take it with a huge grain of salt.  See Jovan's post above.

4.  Catholic traditionalists have already known about this French seer for decades, so there was no need to "introduce" her, at least to those of us who have been around awhile.  Perhaps the post Vatican II babies are not familiar with her. 

Having lived through the changes and become aware of many groups, causes, people, writings, et cetera, that have sprung up as a result of the reaction to the latest council, I would urge some restraint in taking this particular claim at face value.  I certainly believe Marie Jahenny was an authentic mystic, but the things written in the book do not come from her but, like Sister Emmerich's case, they come from someone else. 

In addition, the original source does not contain the information on the new Mass.  That's found only in the 1974 book.  Caveat emptor.

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