Private Revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny
There is a dispute and issued raised over whether the New Mass quotes are authentic. This is a separate issue and not related to Church approval. The  Ecclesia Miltans blog disputed the quotes about the New Mass and not Church approval.

The New Mass message was one among many. Her other messages over Three Days Darkness has not been attacked because they are authentic like the rest of her prophesies.

This is just like Anne Catherine Emmerich who has had issues and disputes among Catholics for years. Some of her messages have been attacked because they did not come from her, nevertheless, she has Church approval on most of her other messages, and even with Anne Catherine Emmerich, it is still not known if the attacked messages are authentic or not.

Wether she has Church approval for her messages is a different issue than deciding if part of her messages were authentic or not.

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