Private Revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny
(07-30-2009, 07:02 PM)SaintRafael Wrote:
(07-30-2009, 05:34 PM)Bonifacius Wrote: Oh, SaintRafael, didn't you read my post above, where I explicitly disputed her having Church approval? 
I am talking about in an official way. You just asked a question on a discussion forum. I am talking about serious opposition, like a website, with information, links, and written work, documentation, and other data.

There is no website out there, no written papers, no documentation, no information against Marie-Julie Jahenny not being approved by the Church. This opposition exists for false apparitions like Medjugorje, where there is so much opposition and documentation showing Medjugorje has no Church approval.

Medjugorje has been in the news a lot, including the secular press, and it's controversial for a number of reasons so it is logical that there would be one or more websites attacking it.  Marie-Julie Jahenny has been dead for many years and thus not in the news.  If her cause ever advances to the point where canonization is imminent -- has she even been beatified? -- there might be a website or websites opposing her.  From what I know, she did not make a lot of money, if any, as a visionary, though, so she wouldn't attract the amount of negative attention the Medjugorje "visionaries" have. 

Lack of internet opposition to Marie-Julie Jahenny does not equate to Church approval of her visions.  There seems to be no documentation online as to whether the Church ever investigated her visions or stigmata.


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