After "3 days of darkness"-Distributism?
Distributism after the Three Days of Darkness...

Whatever the case is, the monarchy will return in those days afterwards, since just before and after that tumultuous event the world will be introduced to whom countless prophesies refer to as the "Great Catholic Monarch.  Will their be Distributism under the world monarchy?  I say it is doubtful, since from what I have gathered Distributism is just a Catholic version of some points of socialism.  It is obvious to me that God's plan for human government was and will always be a monarchy, hence I am a monarchist.  Our very Church is set up like a monarchy, with the Pope being "king," the bishops being "princes,"  and the priests being "dukes."  Only under a monarchy that is fully submitted and built upon the Church can be successful in this world, and only in such a monarchy will we have true "democracy." and that is what we are told will happen after the Great Chastisement to come - 25 to 30 years of monarchical reign under the Great Catholic Monarch who will "uproot every republic."  He will rule in things temporal (secular) and a Holy Pope (who some refer to as the "Angelic Shepherd") ruling in things religious, but both working closely together.  During this time, it has been prophesied that under the Great Monarch, who will be crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope, there will be around 12 kings or  princes that rule the whole world.  When the Great Monarch lays down his crown and scepter in Jerusalem, then will be the days of the Antichrist.

So, with these prophesies, the fact that the Church is set up like a monarchy, and the fact that the kingdom of Biblical Judaism, namely the Davidic kingdom, was also a monarchy - gives more than enough proof that a monarchy is what God wills for us.


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