Roman Catholic Faithful to dissolve.

Noted Catholic activist Stephen Brady has decided to dissolve his Petersburg, Illinois-based organization Roman Catholic Faithful.

The last few years have been particularly painful for Mr. Brady, with the loss of his son Daniel in a tragic automobile accident and subsequently suffering life-threatening injuries in a motorcycle accident.

In a letter recently mailed to RCF supporters, Mr. Brady wrote (edited):

'RCF is broke but, as you will read below, this is not a fundraising letter. Across the country most charities, non-profits and other philanthropic organizations are feeling a financial crush due to the collapsing economy. RCF is no exception. I briefly considered a new fundraising campaign but instead have decided that it is time to close the doors of The Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc.

'Many of you will remember the letter that I sent out in our last newsletter in 2008. Because my announcement today will make no sense unless you have read it, I am repeating that letter here before I go further with this one:

'The thoughts expressed in this letter have been with me for some time now. It is not without great reflection and prayer that I pen this letter which lays out a new direction for RCF. I hope that most of our supporters will approve of this direction. Some will no doubt disapprove. However, what really counts is God's opinion.

'Over the last 12 years that RCF has been in existence I cannot count the number of times that I received a phone call that goes something like this. Mr. John Doe reports that his pastor is (choose one):

_ Forbidding kneeling while receiving Communion
_ Living in a homosexual relationship
_ Preaching that Hell does not exist
_ Allowing children to receive First Communion without Confession
_ Endorsing a local 'gay ministry' organization in the weekly bulletin
_ Etc., etc. etc.

'I would dutifully assist John Doe in helping him write a letter to the local bishop. John Doe would later call me and state that nothing had changed. Or, maybe worse, the bishop contacted him and supported the pastor in his errors or infidelity. It seemed that there were very few parishes where a parent could safely allow their children to participate in Church programs. Even if you found a decent pastor, it was the liberal, in- name-only Catholics who ran the parish programs. In some cases children were even denied the Sacraments if their parents refused to send them to these heretical parish programs. I prayed that one bishop would speak out publicly against this corruption and give direction to the faithful. The silence was deafening — or at least so I thought....

'Still, with all this, I desperately wanted to be 'in union' with the bishop or at least Rome. I decided to take a long hard look at what it meant to be 'in union.' Bishop Daniel Ryan was in union with Rome despite the fact that the hierarchy knew he was raping teenage boys. Bishop Anthony O'Connell was in union with Rome when the pope appointed him bishop of West Palm Beach, Florida despite the fact that the hierarchy knew he had molested teenage boys. They even made a payment to one victim on his behalf years earlier. The list goes on and on, but what's the point? The point is being 'in union' with Rome or your local bishop can lead you to Hell. Rome knows full well that bishops like Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles and Howard Hubbard of Albany have lost their faith, but they still are in union with Rome while they destroy their dioceses.

'While bishops and priests in union with Rome have been destroying The Faith — good, holy priests have been stripped of their faculties for simply defending The Faith. Most of you know of a priest who falls into this category. The late Father John Hardon, S.J., was one of the first priests to offer his help to RCF (no one could doubt Father's orthodoxy). In 1996 Father Hardon arranged for me to speak at a Detroit parish and helped RCF raise funds. At the time he was telling anyone who would listen that, according to his Vatican superiors, 'one diocese after another would be lost unless the laity did something.' Father Hardon was making it very clear that the bishops were corrupt and destroying the Church.

'I believed that one thing RCF could do was publicly expose this corruption, prick the conscience of the once-faithful and maybe then things would change. I was wrong.

'It was Father Hardon who suggested I use the canonical services of Father Alfred Kunz of Dane, Wisconsin. While Father Kunz was glad to help RCF, he made it clear that 'You will find no justice in the Church today.' Father Kunz' comments, added to those of Father Hardon's, painted a very dismal picture. But I still had hope that the 'system' might work. Father Alfred Kunz was brutally murdered in 1998 while he was helping RCF with the case of predatory homosexual Bishop Daniel Ryan. Father's killer has never been found....

'One of the disturbing aspects of my work has been to learn that most 'Catholics,' because of corrupt bishops and clergy, have no sense of sin or scandal, or the sacred. They speak of abortion and homosexual activity as if it harms no one....

'Today I am even more convinced of what I wrote back then. The recent horror of watching the University of Notre Dame honor America's abortionist-in-chief, Barack Obama, and the accompanying silence from the Vatican, demonstrates convincingly that the conciliar church is corrupt from top to bottom. I cannot in good conscience commit financial resources to 'rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic' in the conciliar church. For this reason, I have decided to dissolve RCF.

'I hope that, by the grace of God, I have done some good in the years I was president of RCF. I cannot tell you how blessed I was to work with many heroically-struggling priests and lay men and women, moms and dads.

'As the darkening clouds envelop the world today, it is clear to me that no mere human effort can save the Church. That role has been assigned by Our Lord to His mother, our mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. We know from the approved Marian apparitions at Fatima, Akita and Quito that Our Lady is destined to save the Church and mankind at a time when the world is enslaved in sin. Our Lady revealed to Sister Lucy that the pope and all the bishops must together consecrate Russia to her sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. As of this moment, the world stands in great peril of an 'annihilation' of certain nations because Our Lady's request has not been obeyed.

'I believe our work as RCF has gone as far as it can go. For those who have had ears to hear, you know what must be done: Pray for the pope that he will command this requested consecration, a consecration that will bring world peace and restore Holy Mother Church. Pray the rosary every day. Attend the Traditional Latin Mass. Receive the Sacraments frequently. Wear Our Lady's scapular.'

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