Why do so many Catholics drop the ball when it comes to EENS?
I wonder since when proclaiming that outside The Church there is no salvation became the exclusive domain of Fr. Feeney and his supporters or worse...a thing akin to what the Pharisees at the time of Lord Jesus did.

This is a dogma of the faith that has been defined authoritatively three times and has been proclaimed by Popes, Saints and Doctors innumerable times across history. It is only now, in the wake of the crisis in The Church that we see the watering down and pussyfooting around the dogma. As I said in the OP, it is one thing to admit the possibility that God in a way known to himself may save a person who dies outside the faith (and this The Church herself admits). it is quite another to neglect proclaiming or affirming the EENS dogma for the sake of political correctness or just out of plain cowardice or lukewarmness.

The possibility of salvation of those who die without the faith is not the rule, but the exception to the rule that outside The Church There is no salvation. The problem with a lot of Catholics today is that they turn the exception into the rule and altogether refrain from even talking about the rule. This is an irresponsible and dangerous attitude because it only helps to reassure non-Catholics in their errors. To tell them  that The Church is simply the best way among many by which one may make it to heaven leads to indifferentism and to the non-Catholic seeing no urgency to convert to the faith if he can do without the "extra" benefits.


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