Why do so many Catholics drop the ball when it comes to EENS?
Quote: Now let's further say that a person desires to be baptized and live as a Catholic (even if they do not know what it really means to be a Catholic) but lacks either the freedom or possibility of actually doing it. If they die without the ritual of baptism in this case, we can still admit they are probably saved, because they had already begun the action of attempting to become a Catholic to the extent that is was possible for them (by living in accordance with the natural law, etc.).
First off, a pigmy in the jungle does not desire water baptism.

Second, if such a person had some sort of theoretical "implicit" desire, then that desire would be a grace from God.  Now wouldn't God supply a missionary if He wanted to save that person?  Or perhaps the Lord would miraculously give that person water baptism on his deathbed, in the blink of an eye, maybe even stopping time while he transported a monk to perform the baptism?

Now there may be other ways, but these other ways have never been revealed.  I won't presume to limit God, however we have never been told about any other way to salvation, except through baptism.  Also, there is mention of explicit desire of baptism, but even that is not fleshed out.

We have to be very careful about saying a person wants to do good, and thus it would be unjust if he went to Hell.  Or that he earns his salvation.  You can not earn your initial justification.  You have to be very careful about the Pelagian heresy.

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