Why do so many Catholics drop the ball when it comes to EENS?
(08-05-2009, 11:03 PM)PeterII Wrote:
Quote:There is no infallible statement I am aware of that says there is salvation apart from water baptism.  I don't presume to limit God and say that it is possible for there to be another way to salvation.  However, it certainly has NOT been revealed that there is this "other way".  If so, what are the parameters?  Can we know if someone was saved by this "other way"?  Are we sure they weren't baptized in a miraculous way?

Cornelius the Gentile: "A religious man, and fearing God with all his house, giving much alms to the people and always praying to God" was a just man and performed miracles before he was baptized by St. Peter.  Obviously, despite not being baptized, he was not worshipping a false God. 

Quote:But I can state that they are lacking Sanctifying Grace if they are indeed Moslem, Jew, or pagan.

You don't know whether someone has Sanctifying Grace or not, nor how much of it they have. This is all part of the invisible internal forum which no man can judge.

Quote:It is generally believed that Limbo does not involve punishment.  But you make a good point.  Since every Moslem, Jew, or pagan adult  (who really is Moslem, Jew, or Pagan)  is guilty of actual sins, and they don't have the Blood of Christ to propitiate God's just wrath, they aren't even in the Limbo level of hell.

The Muslim, Jew or Pagan has to be guilty of mortal sin which requires full knowledge, just like a Catholic who is a material heretic has to have full knowledge before being a damnable heretic. 

I thought this was a traditional Catholic Forum. What is an "invisible internal forum"?


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