Why do so many Catholics drop the ball when it comes to EENS?
Quote:The magisterial statements are unequivocal in teaching that it is possible not to receive actual water baptism and be saved, which Tradition backs up with numerous examples.  The "other ways," namely a direct infusion of Sanctifying Grace from God has been revealed and is a part of the deposit of Faith.  It was not pulled out of the blue by the Church Fathers and it doesn't make sense to say for a fact there is no other way but hoping there is.  There is or there isn't.
This is garbage! Where are all these magisterial statements saying such a thing?! Before you provided an ambiguous statement from Pius IX and a statement from Pius XII which in no way backed up what you are professing!

I'm not sure why I'm really bothering to argue with you anyway, cause no matter what magesterial documents are provided which contradict your claims you'll just say they support you with no proof.

Quote:They may be united to the Catholic Church in a hidden way, but will never know with certainty until they become formal members with water Baptism.  But even a formal member can't know with absolute certainty whether they are in the state of grace or not.
Baptism is the ONLY way to be united to the Church.   

Quote:True, but that can work the other way too.  If one has the Feeneyite understanding of EENS, you fall into a kind of Jansenism and Calvinism which is also erroneous.  We shouldn't combat one error with another.
I really wish people on this forum would know the defintions of a specific heresy before they just started flinging the lable at people they don't like. There is nothing about understanding the EENS dogma in a literal sense that can be tired with Jansenism or Calvinism. Back yourself up before making this outrageous claims!

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