Why do so many Catholics drop the ball when it comes to EENS?
Quote:I have addressed the points. You DO NOT accept the clear teaching of St. Alphonsus, do you? Why should Catholics reject THIS Doctor of the Church, on THIS issue, and instead listen to YOU and your unauthorised theological musings?

What are you talking about? Why can't we have a calm and honest discussion? Why do you have to keep insulting and ask these confusing questions as if to trap me?

With no explanation as to the point you posted St. Pius X's decree on how catechesis is to be taught and then wrongly delcared it to be an infallible statement and then made a completely untrue and unfounded and uncharitable statement accusing Fr. Feeney's followers of calling St. Pius X a heretic! (You still have not shown where they have ever published such a remark.)

You refused to apologize for your injurous and libelous statement and instead replied with another snide comment.

I told you to stop these juvenile tactics at which you replied" that you already adressed these points". What points?! You're just making snarky remarks like a child! And then you just throw in a quote by St. Alphonsus Ligouri as if that should just settle things and I should just shut up!

What is with these junior politics? Why can't we just discuss the hand without ad hominum attacks?!

I am not going to continue talking with you at all unless you apologize for libel and childish manner...


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