Why do so many Catholics drop the ball when it comes to EENS?
If I were God I'd send about 2 in 5 to Hell based on my experience of people.  They seem to me like they deseve it.  Some people I know are real scumbags who appear to me to be every bit as bad as the baddies in the Gospel.  They really express a contempt (below hatred) for morality or goodness or kindness and behave like wild animals.  I can't see how they would be happy in Heaven knowing what I know of them.

I think I'd find enough goodness in the rest to scrape them into Purgatory.

The bible is full of numbers.  God is clearly in love with numbers.  I find it hard to see how God will have "won" unless at the end of this experiment lasting since Adam and Eve, He has got the majority of souls into Heaven.  The alternative seems incredibly wasteful.

Remember people are born into this world and ensouled without any choice in the matter.  If the average Joe Schmo has a 99% chance of going to Hell (and I've heard SSPX priests suggest this figure in sermons at Sunday Mass), then it would seem a lot more just to offer annihilation as an option rather than only eternal torment.  I've never come first at anything significant in my life.  Why would I be able to make the top 1%?

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