Why do so many Catholics drop the ball when it comes to EENS?
Your original quote:
Quote: Actually, it says that he was sanctified. He was justified. He had the supernatural virtues of Faith and Charity before sacramental Baptism.

I can not find "it" in Book 4, chpt. 24.  I asked for you to provide me with the reference.  You can not provide it because Augustine never said Cornelius was justified before baptism.

Now look again at the Augustine quote.  He switches, saying Abraham was "justified", then going to Cornelius was "sanctified".  That is a significant difference.  Furthermore he says that the sacrament of regeneration was carried out, HOW?, by the laver of baptism.

He didn't say that "and baptism was added later".  He said "the sacrament of regeneration" was added "in the laver of baptism".  Regeneration and Justification are synonyms.  Baptism "regenerated" Cornelius, which is my point.  The scripture passage also confirms this.

Furthermore, this section by Augustine is arguing for the effectiveness of infant baptism.  So the context is against you as well.

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